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About Me

My name is Hayley J. Leonard, I was born and raised in sunny San Diego, where I competed in numerous sports year-round. I took full advantage of every opportunity to compete since I was first able to walk. By the time I was in high school, I honed in all my athletic abilities into track & field. With the help of two amazing coaches, I was able to manifest my skills into collegiate-level marks. Both coaches pushed me to fight for a spot at an out-of-state D1 university, by qualifying and competing at CIF and CA State Championships each year. Not only did I make the D1 Track & Field Team, but I was also able to earn a full-ride scholarship for my athletic and academic achievements. This is when I first realized the importance of a great coach. 


My journey brought me back to CA where I earned another opportunity to train with a new track team at a UC. With career-ending injuries sustained from poor coaching and leadership, I tearfully walked away from sports with a heavy heart. Instead of letting this be the end for me, I transitioned into dedicating my life to being in the gym or learning tips and tricks to make myself and others better athletes. I learned from my personal experiences that coaching, good and bad, makes a huge impact on someone’s life. 


Having a results-driven mentality allowed me to focus my college studies on leadership, exercise, and gaining success. John Wooden, a prestigious basketball coach once said, “Success is peace of mind which is a direct result of self-satisfaction in knowing you did your best to become the best that you are capable of becoming.” I have studied and personally applied the skills it takes to empower, inspire, and motivate athletes of all levels, all while realizing their dreams of becoming the best versions of themselves. I will work with you to set long- and short-term goals while teaching you the very steps to exceed them. I take a full spectrum approach - physical, mental, and emotional - because I know what it takes to achieve excellence. 


I aligned myself with Self Made Training Facility because it provides myself and the people I work with an incredible environment to attain, achieve and transcend. I have worked with numerous coaches in my life and have gleaned the best attributes from each along my journey. My strongest desire is to leave the legacy of being a great influence in others’ lives. 

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What I Do

Train Athletes of All Levels to Achieve Excellence

In-Person Training

Whether you are a past athlete, needing to lose weight, wanting to gain strength, I am here to help you take steps in the right direction. The program I create will be specific to you and your goals. I will be right by your side to exceed them. 

Online Training

The age of the internet allows me to work with clients GLOBALLY. The program I create will be accessible to you at the touch of an app. Your goals are in mind when I develop this customized workout routine. Whether you are at home, in a gym, or have access to little equipment, I will create a plan that is perfect for you. 


Sport Specific Training

Getting athletes ready for the college level. Working on sport-specific development, bringing confidence to your mental state when competing, aiding in NCAA Clearinghouse, connecting with college coaches, and preparing for the intensity of college and professional athletics. 


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4030 Sports Arena Blvd.