"Haley is extremely passionate about her work. From day one she had an enthusiasm that was hard to match. When I first sought out Haley, I’d already been working out for years but never felt particularly confident in my lower body strength. After our first 2 leg sessions I  started to see and feel results. After 3 months with Haley I feel as strong as I’ve ever been. Her professionalism and dedication towards fostering self improvement made an exceptional impact on my physical fitness, and I plan on continuing to train with Haley for the foreseeable future."

Adam, Marine Pilot


"Hayley gave me a workout beyond expectations. For someone who considers themselves to be a gym enthusiast, she allowed me to see her unique perspective to working out while also allowing me to learn new workouts and techniques within our short amount of time together. Hayley shows her competence to give a kickass workout with not only inexperienced gym goers but well experienced as well. I left our workout together refreshed with new techniques and workouts to add to my repertoire but also drenched in sweat. Highly recommend to all, thanks Hayley!!"

Jacob, Former Football Player


"I have had such great experiences while being trained by Hayley! She definitely takes the time to adjust workouts according to each individual's goals. She has a great attitude and motivating spirit!"

Sydnie, Former Volleyball Player


"I’ve had the chance to get in a good work out with plenty of others but Hayley was absolutely my favorite. She’s easy to talk to and very motivating. Though I normally have a hard time getting myself to the gym, working out with Hayley is something I absolutely look forward to weekly."



"Hayley put through an intense workout! I knew once I left I had a work out that was worth every minute of my time. I have an athletic build, build muscle fast however, I struggle to keep my heart rate up but Hayley didn't let me slow down the entire time. Hayley was on the move, she counted, she prepped the next work out area all while watching my technique and called out any moment I wasn't putting in 100%. Thanks Hayley for giving me the push I need during my workouts." 



"I had a great first experience working out with Hayley. She really pushed me to do my best and had a great workout plan for me before I got to the workout."

Trevor, 4-Year Collegiate Baseball Player


"The gym has a great open floor plan, so it made working out really enjoyable. I worked out with Hayley and her workout had me gasping for air! I thought I was in shape, but her workout made me think otherwise. She broke down the reason for each workout and helped me break my limit. If you wanna get serious about your health, contact Hayley and have her help."



"I’m lucky enough to have had the chance to compete with and against Hayley throughout my high school track career. She stood apart from all my other teammates because she helped me push myself to my limits; every meet, every practice, every workout. And you don’t find that very often in a teammate. Being two years below her, she mentored me in ways I couldn’t imagine, on and off the track. I’m thankful to have had the chance to run with her, and I can confidently say that she has all the makes of being an amazing personal trainer."

Devin, Collegiate 400mH